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Information On Gel Nail Courses For Beginners Gel nail courses are a very specialized grouping of courses designed to teach a student how to specifically apply and work with gel nails. The entire process is one that is new to the manicure business. Gel nail courses are also new on the educational front, created in order to meet the growing demand for this type of artificial nail application. It is a type of artificial nail that has gained a lot of popularity, especially among young people.

The first step to taking gel nail courses is to understand exactly what gel nails are. These innovative artificial nails are a very natural looking, soft and pliable product that can be formed to any shape and size. Gel nail courses will also point out the convenience of this durable, non-yellowing nail application. These...
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What’s To Gain From Taking A Gel Nail Course? A gel nail course can be taken either part time or full time, depending on what you want to achieve and the time you have to study. Famed for their high gloss finish, flexibility and durability, they were born of the newest technology in nail enhancement. There is a high demand at the moment for gel nail technicians, so whether you’re a working nail technician or want to become one, taking a gel nail course could be an ideal career move. The great thing about a gel nail course is that it can also be taken online; you don’t have to necessarily attend a cosmetology school. Taking a gel nail course is also ideal for beginners, as it is much easier than applying acrylics. Let’s take a look at some gel nail courses both online and off, to see if...
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Look We Love: Isabel Lucas's Lovely Double French Braid

I can appreciate a crazy Khaleesi braid as much as the next hair-obsessed person, but I will always have a special place in my heart for a simple double French braid, like the one actress Isabel Lucas wore to the premiere of her new movie Electric Slide. It's pretty, it's clean, and it's probably the first braided style I learned how to do on myself. (That is, after my father taught himself to do it on me first. Thanks, Dad.) I promise, with a little practice, it's not that hard. Case in point? Lucas did her own hair last night.

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